Upravit stránku

Look at our company from a slightly different angle. We have shot a new video that will guide you through the production part of the company. You will find out how LPG tanks are welded, what is their quality inspection and handling. Each tank is then manipulated to one of the modern paint boxes, where the above-ground tank gets a polyurethane finish or the underground tank gets an epoxy finish.

The history of our company began in 1953. But since then we have come a long way. Although our production plant is still located in Rosice u Chrasti, it has undergone extensive modernization. Just see for yourself!

What's new with us?

Our products travel to companies and households throughout Europe. Production simply does not stop for us. That's why we are constantly looking for reliable people to join the team. Production facilities are also increasing - the last time it was a brand new hall for the production of tank trucks.

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