Upravit stránku

We have launched a trial operation of a new surface treatment hall, thanks to which we will further increase the quality of our products and at the same time the production capacity of our company.

As we have already informed you, in March we started building a new hall for surface treatment in our premises in Rosice. We recently launched its trial run. We look forward to the new hall bringing the company and employees a number of other benefits, such as working with the latest technologies in the new premises, and of course the benefits to our customers in the form of quality product finishes and increased overall production capacity.

Why built a new hall?

Demands for the quality and durability of the surface treatment of LPG tanks and autotanks are constantly increasing and we want to offer the best. The new surface treatment hall should help us in this regard. At the same time, we increase the productivity and production capacity of our company. The current production area in our area is over 9000 m2.

The new hall is equipped with modern technologies for blasting and application of paints. Thanks to them, tanks, autotanks, reservoirs and all our other products will receive a quality surface treatment, which will ensure their long durability

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