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Our company was founded in 1953 as an engineering-assembly plant incorporated in a large national enterprise until 1989. Major area of business back then was construction and maintenance of gas facilities.

Our current technical, construction and production capacities are conected with technologies LPG usage technologies and production of pressure tanks for various media types up to 7.5 MPa.
We are active in the LPG field for over 35 years.

The latest offer includes especially wide variety of LPG storage tanks of volumes 500 to 200,000 litres, tank trucks for LPG and CO2 transportation of the capacity 5-22 tons and LPG filling stations. Individual products are designed and manufactured in accordance with European standards and branded with CE mark. The company disposes of its own design, assembly and service departments, which provide complex customer services in all spheres of company activities.

Our company was certified in 1996 by TÜV Cert Organisation under EN ISO 9001 standards and at the same time it has number of authorisations necessary to deliver products in foreign countries such as: Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

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