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Radio transmitter Ex zone 2 - with internal antenna

  • evel measurement for aboveground LPG tanks
  • Approval for the use in explosive areas - ATEX zone 2
  • lntegrated antenna 
  • Contactless level reading with hall effect sensor
  • Easy installation of sensor - just unscrew existing display
    and mount the hall effect sensor
  • Sensors for all common level gauges available: Rochester,
    SRG, Livello, Cotrako (for more info see page 24 with
    explanations about sensors)
  • Cyclic data transfer every 15 minutes or if liquid level

Set contains of:

  • 1 electronic hall effect sensor
  • 1 radio transmitter
  • 1 battery pack
  • 1 mounting screw Íor the hall effect sensor
  • 1 user manual/declaration of conformity
1000159RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 RCT junior (compatible to all level gauges of SRG/Rochester)
1000432RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 RCT senior (compatible to all level gauges of SRG/Rochester)
1000161RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 SRG type 705
1000163RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 Livello
1000155RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 Rochester Junior (original Rochester hall effect sensor)
1000156RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 Rochester Senior (original Rochester hall effect sensor)
1000154RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 Rochester Magnetel 4" (original Rochester hall effect sensor)
1000149RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 Rochester Magnetel 8' "C" (original Rochester hall eÍfect sensor)
1000151RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 Rochester Magnetel 8" "X" (original Rochester hall effect sensor)
1000434RF transmitter int. antenna - Ex2 linear/Cotrako (compatible to cotrako level gauges)

For Rochester senior level gauges the "senior" adapter 1000438 is needed' Exchange battery for Ex2 transmitter is battery type '1000531.

LCD receiver

  • Display oÍ liquid level in volume percent or liter
  • LED - shines if level reaches pre-defined set point <20%
  • Reception of up to 4 radio transmitters
  • Monitoring of battery power, functionality of radio trans-
    mitter and regular transmission
  • Automatic receipt of radio signal
  • Parallel use with other RCT receiver
  • Power supply unit 230 V
  • Mounting with wall brackets

Display in %:
The liquid level is displayed in volume percent. One receiver
displays up to 4 different radio transmitters.

Display in liter:
lf only one tank is monitored, the display rs optionally
available in liter (LCD standard up to 99991). Conversion
of percent to liter with algorithm rn dependence of tank
volume input.

Set contains of:

  • 1 receiver unit
  • 1 power supply unit (110 V -/230V)
  • 1 wall bracket
  • 1 user manual

A 5-digit display is available for tank sizes up to 50,000 l. Optionally the receiver is available with external antenna: For the use at unfavourable environment conditions and to achieve a better radio range.

1000384RF receiver int. antenna - LCD standard
1000374RF receiver ext. antenna - LCD standard
1000552RF receiver int. antenna - LCD 5-digit
1000551RF receiver ext. antenna - LCD S-digit

Level monitoring of LPG storage tanks

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